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Qute - 0.4 released, big changes to come

Version 0.4 of Qute was released on Monday. 0.4 is a small bugfix release that resolves only the most pressing of the open issues.

From my own experience, I can say that Qute is very usable right now, but it certainly does have a couple of rough edges. However, the current branch of Qute won’t see any further development after 0.4!

Instead, I am going to focus on a complete rewrite of Qute, which will then be released as Qute 0.5. With this rewrite, Qute is going to move away from the simple Markdown+TeX editor it currently is and toward something more adventurous. Here are a couple of features I want to go for:

  • Outlining capabilities. Think Org-Mode or even Leo.
  • Ink support. Think Xournal-style drawings and notes inside your LaTeX documents.
  • Custom translators. Think custom OMeta for each paragraph.
  • Clean architechture. Think new implementation in ClojureScript.
  • Platform independence. Think Qute in your web-browser.

Of course this rewrite is going to take a while. So the purpose of the 0.4 release is to give my users my user something to work with in the meantime. Also, the next few releases won’t be as polished as you might want, simply because I am going to focus my energies on getting all of these juicy features implemented! So please bear with me.

If you want to be notified when Qute 0.5 comes out, you can subscribe to release announcements on freecode.com (formerly freshmeat.net) or follow me on Twitter.